Advances in Ground and Borehole Geophysics

Innovative EM Exploration in Surface Exploration and Underground Mine Settings

Williams, P.K., Independence Group NL, South Perth, WA, Australia; Kepic, A., Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia; Gibson, L.,...

Distributed Acquisition In Electrical Geophysical Systems

Kingman, J.E.E., Consultant – Terrigena Ltd., Fruita, CO, USA; Donohue, J.G., Quantec Geoscience Ltd., Toronto ON, Canada; Ritchie, T.J., Ge...

SQUID Sensors for EM Systems

Le Roux, C., Anglo Technical Division – Geosciences, Anglo American Corporation, Johannesburg, South Africa; Macnae, J., School of Applied S...

Deep Exploration with EM in Boreholes

Lamontagne, Y., Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd., Kingston, ON, Canada